The Precisioneers Group is a collaboration of manufacturers specializing in advanced high-tech products. From high-precision motion technology to measurement solutions and optical components, we provide in-depth consultation to help our customers select the best technologies for their needs.

Designed and manufactured in Germany – for the North American market.

Actuators, multi-axis stages and tip-tilt stages, from piezosystem jena offer nanometer precision, and high repeatability in a compact size.

hpower high-power piezo actuators efficiently deliver µs response times, kHz dynamics, and kHz force generation. Ideal for materials testing.

SIOS manufactures measurement systems for precise length, angle, straightness, vibration, and environmental conditions for industry and science.

Vision & Control offer a range of imaging telecentric optics, lighting, controllers and vision systems of 360 degree viewing for industrial vision solutions.

LEJ offers highly technical microscopy lighting and power solutions for the semiconductor, analytics, image processing, and medical industries.

For over 25 years we have provided precision product solutions, learning that each technical challenge is unique and requires a comprehensive understanding. We offer nanometer precision motion technology, to picometer-level laser measurement systems, and vision lighting and lenses that allow you to see the virtually invisible. We provide in-depth free technical consultation to our customers, so the technology and products best match your application needs.

We bring high-precision technology to North America

  • MOTION – Short and Long Travel Motion Solutions
  • MEASUREMENT – Optical Measurement Systems
  • VISION – Optical Lighting & Lenses

We know our products, their capabilities, and how they can best be utilized. You know your application, the environment, and the technical challenges you face. Together we can discuss technical specifications, environmental conditions, and component options. We can advise you on what we believe is your best technical solution. We keep costs and timelines in check so you can focus on your next breakthrough.

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